PALTALK is a popular instant messaging client that also uses audio and video quality. The video is smooth and defined. There are many options for text chat.
Paltalk allows the connection of different types of accounts such as AIM, Yahoo and ICQ and is therefore able to display your contacts in one interface for all accounts. You can exchange and share files. Paltak has a large number of users.

PALTALK è un famoso client di instant messaging che utilizza anche audio e video di ottima qualità. Il video è fluido e definito. Esistono molte opzioni per la chat testuale.
Paltalk permette la connessioni di differenti tipologie di account, come AIM, Yahoo e ICQ ed è quindi in grado di visualizzare in un unica interfaccia i contatti di tutti gli account. E' consentita la funzione di scambiare e condividere files. Paltak ha un grande numero di utenti.

PALTALK es un popular cliente de mensajería instantánea que utiliza también la calidad de audio y video. El video es suave y definido. Hay muchas opciones de chat de texto.
Paltalk permite la conexión de los diferentes tipos de cuentas, tales como AIM, Yahoo e ICQ y por lo tanto, es capaz de mostrar sus contactos en una sola interfaz para todas las cuentas. Se pueden intercambiar y compartir archivos. Paltak tiene un gran número de usuarios.

PALTALK est un client de messagerie instantanée populaires, qui utilise également la qualité audio et vidéo. La vidéo est lisse et défini. Il ya plusieurs options pour le chat texte.
Paltalk permet la connexion de différents types de comptes, tels que AIM, Yahoo et ICQ et est donc capable d'afficher vos contacts dans une seule interface pour tous les comptes. Vous pouvez échanger et partager des fichiers. Paltak a un grand nombre d'utilisateurs.

PALTALK ist eine beliebte Instant-Messaging-Client, der nutzt auch Audio-und Videoqualität. Das Video ist glatt und definiert. Es gibt viele Optionen für Text-Chat.
Paltalk ermöglicht den Anschluss von verschiedenen Arten von Konten wie AIM, Yahoo und ICQ und ist somit in der Lage, Ihre Kontakte in eine Schnittstelle für alle Konten anzuzeigen. Sie können den Austausch und gemeinsame Nutzung von Dateien. Paltak hat eine große Anzahl von Benutzern.

PALTALK é um cliente de mensagens instantâneas populares que também usa a qualidade de áudio e vídeo. O vídeo é liso e definido. muitas opções para chat de texto.
Paltalk permite a conexão de diferentes tipos de contas como AIM, Yahoo e ICQ e, portanto, capaz de exibir seus contatos em uma única interface para todas as contas. Você pode trocar e compartilhar arquivos. Paltak tem um grande número de usuários.










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Paltalk Messenger, or simply referred to as Paltalk, is an Internet chat service that allows users to communicate via instant messaging, voice and video chat. It offers thousands of chat rooms and the ability for users to create their own virtual chat room on any topic and category. Paltalk Messenger is a downloadable software application that is currently available only for Windows. Paltalk Messenger is available in two formats: Paltalk Messenger and PaltalkExpress.

Paltalk, including all of its programs, is owned by AVM Software, which is a privately held company founded in 1998 and based in New York City, NY. It also owns and operates HearMe, a video and voice-enabled web conferencing service that allows users to conduct group meetings. Paltalk became popular after Firetalk, an earlier voice/music chat program, became unable to maintain operation due to a lack of adequate funding.

Paltalk Mobile
Paltalk Mobile is a mobile client for the BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android.

Paltalk Express
PaltalkExpress is a free web based flash application which can be accessed within any Internet browser. It has also been featured as one of the most popular communication apps in the Google Chrome Web Store.