OOVOO: Free high quality video chat and video conferencing from ooVoo. Talk live face-to-face with up to 6 people at once. ooVoo has an excellent video quality and is a good alternative to Skype.

OOVOO è una videochat per conferenze di alte prestazioni. Puoi parlare faccia a faccia fino a 6 persone alla volta. oovoo ha una eccellente qualità video ed è una ottima alternativo a Skype.

OOVOO es una aplicación de chat de vídeo de alto rendimiento. Usted puede hablar a la altura de seis personas a la vez. ooVoo tiene excelente calidad de video y es una buena alternativa a Skype.

OOVOO est un chat vidéo avec des performances élevées. Vous pouvez parler à vivre jusqu'à 6 personnes à la fois. ooVoo est une excellente qualité vidéo et est une bonne alternative à Skype.

OOVOO ist ein Video-Chat mit hoher Leistung. Sie können sprechen, leben bis zu 6 Personen auf einmal. ooVoo hat exzellente Video-Qualität und ist eine gute Alternative zu Skype.

OOVOO é um bate-papo de vídeo com alta performance. Você pode falar para viver até 6 pessoas ao mesmo tempo. ooVoo tem excelente qualidade de vídeo e é uma boa alternativa para Skype.










ooVoo's Video Chat
ooVoo offers the ability to video chat face-to-face with family and friends, anytime and anywhere. With ooVoo you can have free video chats one-to-one, or have a group video chat with up to 6 people at once!

It’s easy to get set up – all you need to get started video chatting is a webcam. You’ll look and sound your best with ooVoo’s high quality audio and video, unsurpassed by the competition.

ooVoo Video Features
    * Up to 6 participants in a call
    * Import your contacts from IM, social network, email and more
    * Record and send video messages
    * Change your view to Full Screen mode
    * Record and store audio and video calls
    * Text chat and share files

What do I need to use ooVoo?
ooVoo makes it easy to stay in touch with your contacts with video chat software compatible with PC, Mac and mobile devices.

If your friend doesn’t have ooVoo, you can have a free browser-based chat with them by sending your unique Web Video Call link through email, IM or through your favorite social networking. In a single click, your friend joins you in a live online video chat on their browser – all they need is a web camera and an internet connection. This unique functionality gives you the freedom to talk to your contacts quickly, without any downloads. Even if your friend doesn’t have a video camera, you can still have a 1-way video chat and hear your friend’s voice over IP.

Download ooVoo today – you’ll find it easy to use and full of features that allow you to connect, engage and experience the benefit of being together over ooVoo.

Phone Calls
Save money when you make calls with ooVoo. ooVoo offers free Internet-based ooVoo to ooVoo calls, and low-fee ooVoo to phone calls – to landlines and mobile phones worldwide. Get unlimited local and long distance phone calls with a low-fee monthly plan, or pay as you go with ooVoo credits.

Call your friends for free and have unlimited speaking time using our free ooVoo to ooVoo Internet phone and video service. When you want to call a landline or mobile phone from your computer, ooVoo’s competitive rates start at $.02/min. and provide VoIP calling service to over 50 countries world-wide – a convenient way to save money.

ooVoo is committed to delivering a high quality phone service. ooVoo’s premium audio quality enhances your phone call experience – you will have clear, crisp audio without fading or muffling.

In addition, ooVoo has developed several features that make it easy to set up and make phone calls from your computer or wherever you are online. Save phone numbers to your ooVoo video contacts and enjoy the flexibility to reach your contacts ooVoo to ooVoo for free with video/audio, or directly on their landlines or mobile phone. Also, ooVoo provides unlimited storage for your contacts on a central server, so you will always have ready access to all of your information, whether you log in from home, the office, or on the go!

With inexpensive rates and great sound quality, making VoIP phone calls with ooVoo will make it that much more enjoyable to stay in touch. Download ooVoo now and try it for yourself.

Desktop Sharing
With one click, ooVoo allows you to share your screen live during your video call. With desktop sharing you can present your full desktop, any type of MS Office documents, or a favorite website or video. Show photos of your vacation while you describe what’s happening - it’s an exciting way to share your life with your friends and family when you can’t be together.

Desktop sharing over ooVoo is a powerful tool that’s simple to use whenever you need it. Click the desktop sharing icon to instantly show your screen while you talk or present – it’s the ideal solution for online collaboration, teamwork, or presentations, and the easiest way to get everyone on the same page. No more waiting for downloads or waiting for people to find the right place – when people see what you see you’ll save time and get more organized on projects, sales, calls, or demos.

And, combined with other web collaboration features like instant text chat with other participants, and file sharing up to 25 MB, you’ll have the complete platform to get connected and do more.

Video Conference
ooVoo video conferencing is a powerful tool applicable to online meetings, web conferencing, web presentations, online training and remote support. With multipoint video conference, teleconference, and a full suite of additional features, ooVoo makes it easy to connect, engage and increase productivity for businesses of all sizes, while reducing travel expenses and time to make decisions.

Having top quality, reliable communication tools is crucial to effective business. ooVoo is committed to providing the highest quality standards for video and audio, proven to be unsurpassed by the competition. And, with productivity features such as 6-way video conferencing, instant messaging, desktop sharing, recording and storing video, and sending large files, ooVoo takes web conferencing and online meetings to a different level, offering a complete business communication service at a fraction of the cost of hardware installation systems.

With ooVoo, you have complete flexibility to connect to anyone who is on a web browser and has an Internet connection. If a business contact or employee hasn’t downloaded the ooVoo video conferencing software, or is accessing your group video call from on-the-road or a different computer, it’s no problem. With one click, a participant can join and experience a video or audio meeting from any web browser – no download is required. Alternatively, if a participant or group wants to join over phone, ooVoo offers the flexibility of up to 6 phone bridges on every video conference.

Using ooVoo for video conferencing can save your business money and time and ultimately change the way you do business. Try ooVoo now and experience the difference for yourself.