ICU2 VIDEO CHAT is an easy to use software for video chat. iCU2 is also a large community of people around the world, where making friends in many rooms. The video is of excellent quality, smooth and defined and then has many options, you can zoom in, out, insert text, and so on. Need to download a file, the trial lasts 21 days for free or you can download the paid version.

ICU2 VIDEO CHAT è un software facile da usare di videochat. iCU2 è inoltre una grande comunità di persone di tutto il mondo, dove fare amicizia nelle numerose stanze. Il video è di ottima qualità, fluido e definito e poi ha molte opzioni, puoi ingrandirlo, rimpicciolirlo, inserire testo, eccetera. Bisogna scaricare un file, il trial gratis dura 21 giorni oppure puoi scaricare la versione a pagamento.

ICU2 VIDEO CHAT es un software fácil de utilizar para el chat de video. iCU2 es también una gran comunidad de personas en todo el mundo, donde hacer amigos en muchas habitaciones. El video es de excelente calidad, suave y definido y tiene muchas opciones, se puede acercar, alejar, insertar texto, y así sucesivamente. Necesidad de descargar un archivo, el proceso dura 21 días de forma gratuita o descargar la versión de pago.

ICU2 VIDEO CHAT est un logiciel facile à utiliser pour le chat vidéo. iCU2 est aussi une grande communauté de gens du monde entier, où se faire des amis dans plusieurs chambres. La vidéo est d'excellente qualité, lisse et défini et a ensuite de nombreuses options, vous pouvez zoomer dedans, dehors, insérer du texte, et ainsi de suite. Besoin de télécharger un fichier, le procès dure 21 jours, gratuitement ou vous pouvez télécharger la version payante.

ICU2 VIDEO CHAT ist eine einfach zu bedienende Software für Video-Chat nutzen. iCU2 ist auch eine große Gemeinschaft von Menschen auf der ganzen Welt, wo Freunde machen in vielen Räumen. Das Video ist von ausgezeichneter Qualität, glatt und definiert und dann hat viele Optionen, können Sie in zoom out, Text einfügen, und so weiter. Brauchen Sie eine Datei herunterladen, dauert der Prozess 21 Tage kostenlos oder können Sie die kostenpflichtige Version herunterladen.

ICU2 VIDEO CHAT é um fácil de usar software para vídeo chat. iCU2 é também uma grande comunidade de pessoas ao redor do mundo, onde fazer amigos em muitos quartos. O vídeo é de excelente qualidade, suave e definido e, em seguida, tem muitas opções, você pode aplicar zoom in, out, inserir texto, e assim por diante. Necessidade de baixar um arquivo, o julgamento dure 21 dias de graça ou você pode baixar a versão paga.










ICU2 Provides videochat, voice and text instant messaging.

View all public profiles
Can choose to not be in search results
Can access activity stream mobily
Can block users
View Private profiles of friends
Login with Twitter, Facebook, Friendster Gmail, Yahoo or Live
Import friends from your networks
Can post to Facebook News and Twitter
Can be invisible
Can have private profile
Can see who has visited their profile
Can send private messages
Can message # of people at a time
Can add applications to their space pages
Full access arcade
Live Wall in your community post photo music or YouTube /Vimeo Video from profile or Whats New
View what users are doing on Whats New
View just your community in My Community stream
Can style profiles - Custom Profile Styler
Can subscribe to and view blogs
Can create blogs
Can live chat in group chat room
Can live chat anywhere in iCUall from footer
Can upload video
Can make videos private
Can view and join events
Can create events
Can listen to music
Can share music
Can create playlists
Can view groups
Can join groups
Can create groups
Can create albums
Can post photos
Can make photos private
Can upgrade any time
Can cancel account any time
Can Earn and Spend Activity Points
Can Send and Receive Virtual Gifts via points or USD
Can Search profiles via Google Mapping & be mapped as well

iCUall is a community of people sharing photos, videos, music, blogs, arcade games, events and group chat.
Upload, organize and share photos at the privacy level you like. Comment, rate and tag photos in any membership level.
Share Videos
Share videos from YouTube and Vimeo or upload directly to iCUall to share. *Direct uploads are not viewable mobily yet.
Share Music
Upload and create playlists to share with friends or everyone. Add to your own playlists from other member lists. *Music is not available mobily yet.
Connect with People
Meet people, or meet up with friends you have from Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Live or anywhere on the web! Create your own page of the information YOU want to share.

iCUall is working to bring more and more of it's features right into your hands wherever you are!
Follow iCUall activities from your handheld devices and phones. Send and receive private messages, watch YouTube and Vimeo videos and follow the iCUall blogs anytime.
Keep iCUall at your fingertips with easy app-like home screen linking on your iPhone or iTouch. Features are being developed as we speak to keep you connected on your iPad as well!